A look at the barn in progress

These are the pictures of the raising of the structural arch of the barn/garage/workshop. This arch is 40 feet across and we raised it with 6 ropes, 6 come-alongs, 6 4 x 4 fence posts, a lot of ratchet straps and T-posts. It weighs about 1500 pounds!

raising-arch-1 (21K)

raising-arch-2 (20K)

Here are pictures of the arch at approkimately 45 deg. Lifting got easier from this point.

barn-arch-45-a (31K)

barn-arch-45-b (35K)

arch-sm (35K)

The arch is up and guyed with 6 ropes, a bunch of ratchet straps and T-posts. It has survived some pretty fierce winds, thanks be! A few fabrication issues with purlins have slowed construction. The bolt holes are not lining up properly. Some pieces of plate steel, a little welding and drilling are needed. The blue things are roof insulation. Rocks will line walkways and flower beds.

The south endwall of the barn has an opening for a roll up door. we assembled that wall on the concrete floor and raised it with more ropes, come-alongs, ratchet straps and t-posts.

end-wall-a (44K)

end-wall-b (49K)

end-wall-1 (43K)

We have started to lift the end wall.

end-wall-2 (35K)

end-wall-3 (35K)

Here it is a bit off the pad.

end-wall-4 (49K)

And here it is at about 45 degrees.

Almost vertical

end-wall-5 (42K)
end-wall-up-1 (53K)

end-wall-up-2 (45K)

It is standing up! We've added 2 wall girts on either side to connect the center arch with the south end wall.