Test of the Large Motor

The folowing sequence of 35 mm photos taken at approximately half second intervals shows the test results of our latest peroxide/kerosene rocket motor. The static test took place on Sept. 25, 2004 on the Black Rock Desert.


01-sm (12K)

02-sm (12K)

03-sm (12K)

04-sm (13K)

05-sm (12K)

06-sm (14K)

07-sm (14K)

08-sm (13K)

A solid propellant cast into the splash plate of the motor acted as both a valve to admit the peroxide/kerosene and as a preheater to break down the peroxide. The probable cause of the failure was due to broken grains of this starter propellant lodging in the inlet of the nozzle section.

The next rocket motor has already been machined and is a regeneratively cooled design. It will have a central cone in the splash plate to break apart the solid propellant into smaller segments.

We plan on doing several pressurized cold tests to make sure the problem is solved. Because of the simple design and modular nature of the motor, components of this test can be recycled cutting costs and construction time for our next test.

Of course, the third photo taken will be on the cover of our report to the stockholders.


12/27/2004 11:38 AM