Our Favorite Links

JP Aerospace aims to be America's other space program. It is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to achieving cheap access to space through very low cost, innovative solutions.
InterWorld Transport is organized to work on projects that will lead to the construction, testing, and flying of real solar sails in space. Their long range goal is to offer services to paying customers using the fruits of their project labors. Sourceforge.net hosts the software project and Clados Project
The National Space Society our parent organization.
ARocket is a community of amateur, experimental and high power rocketeers devoted to developing low cost space access technologies.
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Primarily for university and college students but they have some interesting material. Here is their index of Messier Objects, they have some very beautiful pictures.
Armadillo Aerospace  is a small research and development team working on computer-controlled hydrogen peroxide rocket vehicles. They are a leading contender for the X-Prize. 
Space Daily has information about much more than space.
Space Development Web Ring This is the home page for the web ring that the Artemis Project has set up for sites related to the development of space travel.
Lunar Reclamation Society Publishers of the Moon Miners' Manifesto
Astronomy Pic of the Day There is some truly amazing stuff out there.
The Hubble Space Telescope The things that are out there are beautiful.  
The Space Frontier Foundation believes in promoting a spacefaring society. The central goal is the large-scale permanent settlement of space. Join the discussion here
Space Access Society's sole purpose is to promote radically cheaper access to space.   
The Reaction Research Society is the oldest continuously operating amateur experimental rocket group in the United States.   
The Sacramento Area Rocketry Group is the local chapter of the National Association of Rocketry.