Update on the Sacramento L5 Hydrogen Peroxide Motor

Video clip 1 shows the static test of the hydrogen peroxide motor. The initial green flame is the densite igniter in the spalsh plate. There is a puff of smoke to the left upon ignition indicating a breach in the motor. More pictures and Data Evaluation are available.

Video clip 2 shows the pressure gauge measurements taken on a piston at the top of the test stand. Note the nice "top hat" thrust curve.

the scaled up motor

Sacramento L5 continues its attempt to build a simple, reliable and inexpensive rocket motor using hydrogen peroxide oxidizer. Shown above is a scale up to an 8 inch diameter rocket motor we are hoping will deliver 7000 lbs total thrust. An attempt will be made to static test it this spring at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada

injector plate propellant side

This picture shows the injector plate of the motor to the propellant side. The central tank contains kerosene; the outer tank holds the HTP.

injector plate motor side

This picture shows the injector plate to the motor side. The propellants impinge on the splash plate shown at the right. This splash plate is initially filled with Densite (cast microgain) which serves to both preheat the chamber to break down the peroxide and admit the propellants to the combustion chamber. No catalyst is needed. Once the reaction starts the energy produced maintains the reaction.

black hole in the desert

The black hole in the desert is not due to incomplete combustion but due to the ablative liner used in the motor.