More pictures

The videos are here! See the firing or the gauge. There are pictures on the update page of the larger motor. Data Evaluation is available.

m-pic-1-sm (22K)

Picture 1 shows the rocket motor to nozzle side after the burn. The nozzle and casing are 304 Stainless Steel. The inlet is phenolic and the liner is cotton/polyester. Throat diameter is 0.670". Crescent area at top is breach in motor. Higher resolution image

m-pic-2-sm (25K)

Picture 2 shows the rocket motor to the injector side. The splash plate is the concentric ring and has a 45 degree bevel on its inner surface. Eight equally spaced holes on the outer edge admit the HTP to the motor. The inlet holes are perpendicular to the injector plate. In the central area, a corresponding equally spaced holes drilled at a 45 degree angle into the injector head admit the kerosene to the motor. This splash plate is filled with Densite (cast micrograin) and after it burns out, the Propellants can then enter the motor. Higher resolution image

m-pic-3-sm (21K)

Picture 3 shows the outer casing of the rocket motor to the nozzle side. Exit diameter was 1.66". Again note the "big hunkin' hole" in the motor casing. Higher resolution image

m-pic-4-sm (26K)

Picture 4 is the injector plate to the propellant side. The outer ring of holes start at 0.680" in diameter and narrow down to a 10-32 set screw having a 0.054" hole used to admit the HTP. The central area has 8 holes that narrow down to a 10-32 set screw having a 0.026" diameter hole used to admit the kerosene. Higher resolution image