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The View from the Kitchen Window

When Things Go Bump In The Night

What is a ghost? No, really. What is it? Is it the spirit of someone who has died? What is it made of? There are people who claim that they can communicate with the spirits of our Dear Departeds. Have you listened to them? Have you read transcripts of the so-called readings from 100 years ago?

Ghosts seem to have gotten much less clear in how they say things. Mediums back then were very explicit. Now they ask a lot of questions and say a lot of vague things like "I see a man..." OK. Everyone on the planet has a male parent somewhere! Biology requires this.

There is in some of us a need to know that those who are gone are still with us. No, thanks. I'll take my chances with the live people in my life. I don't want to seen hard-hearted but death is a natural part of living, it'll happen to all of us.

Life is too important to take so seriously, after all, you won't get out of it alive.

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