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AD6UY Soapmaking

Until a few years ago I did not like soap. I bathed with shampoo. Then I discovered the way soap should be, home-made! You can use any fats you want in your soaps but I prefer vegetable oils.

I use the Lye Calculator from Majestic Mountain Sage to figure out how much sodium hydroxide to use in my soaps. Getting the amount right is essential. Excess sodium hydroxide can cause severe burns.

Right now my favorite soap recipe is this one. The page is similar to the way the Lye Calculator looks.

Why make soap? Home concocted soap is a treat. You know exactly what you put into it, you can scent it or not and color it as you see fit. Most of my soap is mint-scented. I've used a blend of mint and lavender suggested by a good friend and I like that too.

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