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We are fascinated by what's out there. We want to know, yet we fear the trip. Our ancestors made up gods, demons and supernatural forces to explain what they saw. We know much more than they did yet we still cling to irrational beliefs about the stars and the world around us.

Here are some links to real information to help dispel the nonsense.

Bad Astronomy This site is full of good information about the bad information that floats around out there. He's got a newsletter to help him spread common sense.

JP Aerospace America's *other* space program is a link worth repeating.

Astronomy Pic of the Day There is some truly amazing stuff out there.

The Hubble Space Telescope Words fail...


Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Visit them if you have an urge to believe in something irrational. Just because we don't know all the rational explanations does not mean that there is an irrational explanation.

Bad Meteorology

Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes How not to get bamboozled by numbers.

Junk Science

Science Web

Urban Legends

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