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AD6UY Links

Some of the places I visit on the Web.

Friends and associates

JP Aerospace An interesting idea, they are making it all work. I wish them good luck, good flying and safe landings.

Interworld Transport Ride the solar wind with Dr. Al? Take a look at his Project Clados at SourceForge.

Joe Hennessey Consulting meteorologist and website designer.

Sacramento L5 Society The local, to me, chapter of the National Space Society

Avital's Insane Knitting she may be insane but her work is amazingly wonderful.

Deb, Mistress of Dangliebits, a very talented and intelligent friend who just became a Grandma! Congratulations Deb and family.

Dragonfly Farms Stephenie Gaustad and Alden Amos. Makers of the best spinning tools around.

River City ARCS A good group. Field Day this year was another hoot. Here is a membership application.

Lanset Communications
 My ISP and the people who host most of my downloadable files.

Interesting places

Treepad is a very useful organizer. I use it for phone numbers, knitting patterns, soap recipes, food recipes {hope I never get *those* two mixed up} and more.

LangaList   Here is an e-mail newsletter that is  worth reading. Good information and no spam.

Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society An all volunteer group who hope to develop a single stage to orbit rocket using relatively safe materials.

Armadillo Aerospace They are working on vertical take-off and landing using hydrogen peroxide rockets.

Dryden Flight Research Pictures of some really interesting flying machines.

NASA Pictures of Earth from space. These are stunning. Our mother planet is fragile and we sould do more to protect her.

The American Radio Relay League The national Ham Radio organization.

QRZ Articles, forums and call sign lookup.


Blue Sky Heart This site has some really interesting art work.

Some more links...

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