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Fiber Links

Oh where to begin! There are so many good vendors out there. Ashford Spinning Wheels make not-expensive but very nice wheels. I love mine.

Alden Amos makes about the best spinning wheels and fiber tools. I use his mini-combs and a wonderful bobbin holder. Some day I'd love to have a wheel.

The Journey Wheel made by Jonathan Bosworth is another wonderful wheel, from what I hear. He also makes spindles, niddy-noddies and other tools.

The Fricke drum carders are now made by Strauch Equipment. They are among the best made.

Purple heart spindles made by Ray Thomson are my favorites.

Detta's Spindle carries purple heart spindles and a lot of other things. I've been very happy with my purchases from Detta.

Mary Pratt sells wonderful white and natural colored sheep fleeces from Romney and fine- and medium-wool crossbreds.

Mary McCall's Wool and Fiber Originals carries fibers, books, patterns and kits. Therre are also some free patterns.

Angelina holographic fiber is amazing stuff. It looks gray until light shines on it. Then it sparkles like a rainbow. Textura Trading Company caries this marvel along with other fibers and yarns.

Sheep! Wonderful sheep who make wool for us to spin and wear. The American Sheep Industry Association has a lot of information about sheep.

Information about sheep breeds from Oklahoma State University. There are links to information about breeds of other farm animals.

Avital's Insane Knitting she may be insane but her work is amazingly wonderful.

BJ Heeke makes and sells Spindlepins. Beautiful. She also sells fibers and has an explanation of Navaho plying, a wonderful way to make a 3 ply yarn from one length of a single.

Greensleeves Spindles is a spindle and fiber company based in the mountains of Utah. They make spindles out of the finest and rarest hard woods from around the world.

I'm a sucker for fine yarns and Blackberry Ridge spins some very nice yarns. They also carry patterns and kits. I have bought from them and am a satisfied customer.

Wooly Designs carries spindles, roving, homespun yarns and more.

Judy Gibson is a lace knitter of extraordinary talent. I am in awe of her creations.

Knit Net is an online knitting magazine which is nicer than many of the printed knitting magazines.

Knitting Now is a newsletter for knitters. I've got to subscribe! The free patterns are neat, I like them.

Woolworks. I don't know exactly how to describe this site. When I need knitting information this is usually the first site I hit. If it does not have what I need it usually has a useful link. It's not the prettiest site on the net but it loads fast and has the information.

Royale Hare makes the ball bearing spindle for spinning fine yarns. I want one of these! They also carry other spindles, various fibers, patterns and yarns.

Joyknits by Joy Slayton. She's got a very nice hints page too.

Lamb's Ear Farm has a nice selection of books, patterns, yarns and supplies.

Design and build your own Faroese Shawl, a shawl that will stay on your shoulders where it belongs.

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