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Fractals -- Sort Of

The links from Mediafire seemed to not be working for some people. I have moved the files to Dropbox and the links appear to work. If you cannot download the files you need please let me know and I'll add you to the shared folder.

The Hilbert curve is a fractal, I think. I've done a chart of one; you can download it here.

The Sierpinski triangle and square are fractals based on the Cantor Set. The carpet is a square figure and the gasket is a triangle

These designs are not for beginners! The charts are just charts with no symbol explanation. Any of my other charts have explanations which are the same for these. Do not upload these charts to any Yahoo group.

If you need help with understanding how to download, unzip, print etc. please email me. If you're unsure how to read a chart or if you have a question about how to interpret the symbols please email me.

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