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Celtic Key Lace Charts

The links from Mediafire seemed to not be working for some people. I have moved the files to Dropbox and the links appear to work. If you cannot download the files you need please let me know and I'll add you to the shared folder.

The key design is harder for me to chart than the knots. I want to explore the variations that might be possible.

Posted May 29 2005. A key border for use as a sideways knitted border on a shawl or blanket. You can add columns of faggoting or a small cable to dress it up.

Posted October 30, 2002. This is a long-ish chart presented as a vertical panel of a horizintal band. The horizontal band would work in a circular shawl, I think. The vertical panel might make a nice scarf.

Posted Oct. 28, 2002. This is my interpretation of a key design from The Book of Kells. The picture I worked from has vertical and horizontal lines around the main panel, I omitted those because I felt they were too severe. Vertical lines can be indicated with vertical insertions of faggoting, I'm never quite sure how to best indicate horizontal lines.

Posted Oct. 23, 2002. This is a chart I adapted from a picture in a book about Celtic art. It is not so much a project pattern as it is a stitch pattern. It is free for personal use. Please do not redistribute it without my permission. You may make as many copies for yourself as you want. Knitted in a DK or worsted weight wool yarn this might make an interesting blanket.

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