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Only One Edge?

Knit a scarf with just one side, just one edge? Sure. Remember taking a paper strip and putting a half-twist in it before gluing the ends? That is a Moebius strip.

A Moebius scarf is an interesting piece. I start mine with a crochet chain cast on as I have never mastered the backward loop method. I've added lace patterns and here is what happened:

Moebius Scarf

Moebius Scarf Close-up

With a little planning the lace will make waves and you get a scalloped scarf. I use a slightly modified version of the traditional "Old Shale" pattern for this scarf. It is knitted from handspun yarns.

The original version of Old Shale is a bit asymmetrical. This version of mine is not. You can use the pattern row however often you want, oftener gives deeper scallops and a lacier look. \ is "SSK" / is K2Tog and 0 is yarn over K is knit. The traditional pattern was one patterned row, a knit row, a purl row and another knit row. I generally knit the purl row to give my pieces a garter stitch base.

K\\\0K0K0K0K0K0///K is the pattern. It repeats on a multiple of 18 stitches and you'll need one extra to balance the pattern. That extra becomes the K at the end.

Thanks to Joe Hennessey for taking the pictures and working some magic in PhotoShop.

The logical extension of the Moebius scarf is the Klein Bottle Hat. Woolworks has the pattern. If you are not inclined to knit your own you can get one here. Here is more information about these odd shapes

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