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AD6UY Socks

Socks are another easily knitted swatch project. My favorite pattern is from Judy Gibson called "You're Putting Me On Socks." These are knitted from the toes up so you can try them on as you knit. The pattern is posted here. The original pattern is for a gauge of 5 1/2 stitches per inch. This page adapts this to any gauge for any size and any yarn. The toe-up construction avoids grafting the toe; nice for those of us who hate to graft.

Why knit your own socks? Try a pair of handknit wool socks on a cold day and you will know.

Almost any fibers can go into handkitted socks. I love adding silk to my wool sock yarns. It adds durability and its own special softness.

Stop your toe-up sock just above the ankle and you have a slipper. You can edge the cuff with a sideways garter stitch border, fancy ribbing, I-cord or whatever else you might imagine.

You can find more about knitting socks at the Socknitters' Home Page

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