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The View from the Kitchen Window

Why Space?

I look at the night sky and wonder what's out there. Many stars, maybe planets like our own Earth. Or not. In my mind's ear I hear a voice, my son when he was about 8, "Mom, we're going to the creek to explore."

"Be careful, son. Want to take some cookies with you?"

"Sure, thanks Mom. See you later." I know what's at the creek, the dangers, but I have to let him go. He knows what to watch and listen for. He knows to sniff for fire, listen for the rattle of the snake, he watches for danger. I hope I have taught him well.

Several of you who are trying to go Out There are very dear to me. I see in you the explorer that is in my son. You have That Look in your eyes when you talk about the stars and rockets. I don't know all the dangers out there, I cannot know, I cannot teach you. "Stay here! Be safe! You could get hurt! You could get killed!" are the words I want to scream because I care. Instead I say "Be careful, Friends. Want to take some cookies with you?"

Originally posted to my diary in the Frontier Files Online on Jan. 30, 2003

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