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The View from the Kitchen Window

Why do I look out my kitchen window? Because it is there? Well, yes. But it has been a while since I've had a kitchen window to look out of! In the Spring of 2004 I moved from California to New Mexico. I have now moved into my new home and I love it! The view of M Mountain, usually called Socorro Peak, is lovely.

Looking out gives me time to think and let the remnants of my mind wander about. Perhaps it should not be out without a keeper, but we won't go there. And with several months of not having time to let the poor mind wander it is getting restive.

Space is something I have always wondered about. Why we need to go there and the risks of getting there are troubling issues. We do have to leave this planet, we won't survive as a species if we do not. I don't have the knowledge or tools to help directly with the move to space, I'll help and support those who do.

I've never understood astrology or ghosts.

When the August Ensemble was a going concern I bacame the webmaster because I had more computer skills that the other people and they did not want to do it. Along with Baroque notation I found myself learning HTML.

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